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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nobody's Pussycat

This outfit is the result of two of my obsessions at the moment. One is searching through Asos sales and buying stuff I've had my eye on for months for half price, and the other is Valfré who somehow always get it right with their clothes. It was actually last year that I spotted the skirt and the shoes on Asos and wished they were a part of my wardrobe, but the frugal side of me told me not to spend a penny on them. Come January, I spotted them both in the sale and of course, seeing that they were pretty much more than half price, that same frugal side of me allowed a lil treat. I'm going to put everyone's mind at ease and assure you all that I definitely twirled around my bedroom in this skirt when I first tried it on... and the second time... and also the third. It fuelled the idea that being a ballerina is my next career option, only for that idea to be shattered when I realised that my leg is definitely not reaching that high. The shoes were actually not to my taste when I first saw them on the site, but after many hours a day scrolling (and I mean literal hours) they started to grow on me. When I saw that they were in the sale for £20.50 they went straight into my bag and onto my feet (a couple of days later when they arrived at my house of course). The last piece of my outfit which is the newest part of my wardrobe is my Valfré sweater. This has replaced my other comfy jumper, not only because this one is comfier and cooler, but because it references cats which my other comfy jumper did not do - very important. I tend to find it really difficult to find nice outfits in winter because I hate layering so this jumper has made it so much easier to keep warm but still look great.

* Nobody's Pussycat Sweater - Valfré
Ballerina Skirt - Asos
Star Heels (hate to admit this but they're actually cheaper than when I bought them) - Asos
~Photos taken by my lovely boyfriend Josh~